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Neaktor — corporate level business process management for any size company

Why do you need automation?

Why do you need to automate your company’s processes right now?

Increase productivity

When company's growth is stuck, the only efficient way to increase productivity is to digitize and automate business processes.

Automate recurring tasks

Your employees can do more. All you need to do is free them from routine operations like data entering, sending template-based emails, data migration. Neaktor can do this for you with powerful automation tools


Sometimes to just see what is happening now is not enough. The analytics system of Neaktor will help you to understand what processes need to be optimized by finding and fixing the bottlenecks and conducting retrospective analysis

Easy to implement in-house

Easy to implement in-house

Neaktor is a low-code platform. You can use Neaktor without the help of expensive programmers, consultants and integrators.

Easy to set up

With Neaktor you can start building even very complex solutions in no time. No coding skills required!

Quick start

Neaktor can be implemented 2-3 times faster than most corporate BPM systems. It only takes 15 minutes to register and add your team. With pre-configured templates, you can start usng it within few hours, not weeks or even months

You do not need to know the methodologies

Do all these BPMN, IDEF0 and EPC abbreviations scare you? Good news! You don’t need to be an expert in any of these process management methodologies to manage your workflows in Neaktor

Powerful workflows

Powerful workflows

In Neaktor, you create your own solutions to manage your company's processes: tasks, requests, customers, orders, product activities, marketing, hr, support, supply... and much more.

  • Create your solutions from "construction blocks"
  • Advanced roles and permissions
  • Powerful automation features
  • Links between processes and wikis
Get a free demo

Get a free demo

We can offer you a personal one-on-one call or a webinar to learn more about Neaktor features and how Neaktor can solve your business problems. Demo usually lasts around one hour.

The goal of the demo is educate you about the features and teach you how to use them for your unique case.

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What clients say about Neaktor

We have been actively using Neaktor for several years now, primarily to automate our technological processes for the release of new products, supply management, and HR. At the moment, the system already has more than 100 processes and new ones are added every few weeks. The introduction of each process, the connection of new departments allows us to significantly reduce the costs. We are extremely satisfied with the work of the service.

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Dmitry Baiko

Deputy director, co-founder of the company


Optimization and reengineering of business processes


— Procurement Processes Accelerated By 112%

— Product launch time decreased by 73%

— Neaktor became a single system for business process management, document management, as well as corporate portal

We have never regretted choosing Neaktor. This is a great service: very affordable and at the same time with an extensive set of features. I never knew it was so fun to play with business processes. If you are still looking for a task manager, or even a CRM, I strongly advise you to try Neaktor. I researched 46 different tools/products(no kidding) and all of them (except for Neaktor) did not suit me for one reason or another.

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Alexey Golikov

Company co-founder


CRM and task management


— Increase of customer loyalty, retention increase by 43%

— Digitization of all company processes

Convenient, easy-to-use, and at the same time very flexible management/automation tool. Easily automate routine tasks, procurement, etc. Setup and use are very straightforward and intuitive. This is the tool that does not take your time away, but, on the contrary, frees up time for complex and creative work.

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Artem Akimov

Head of department


Product development and procurement


— Digitization of processes for the construction/design of new products and procurement

— Managers get a clear view of the deadlines and assignees when starting a new project

Start your free trial now

Start your free trial now

Neaktor gives you a chance to implement a business process management approach within a few days. Product is easy to learn, it does not require programming skills or being an expert in complex methodologies.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

We have Neaktor mobile apps versions both for Android and iOS. So you could easily work with your tasks anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection

Powerful Integrations

Powerful Integrations

Neaktor is already integrated with the services you love. You could find a bunch of integrations with email providers (including corp email), telephony, cloud storages and much more.

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