Adding blocks and fields to the task form

Tasks in Neaktor can store a variety of data. For this reason, the application provides different types of fields and blocks for different types of data.

For example, for a vacation request following fields are relevant:

  • Who requests the vacation
  • Vacation start date
  • Vacation end date
  • Number of days

For “Who requests the vacation” you need to use employee selection field, for “Vacation start date” and ” Vacation end date” you need to use date fields, for “Number of days” – a numeric drop-down list.

Difference between fields and blocks

While fields store all the basic data for the task, the blocks are needed to logically structure the data. Fields are placed inside the “Section with fields” blocks.

For example, the task form can have 2 blocks: “Sale information” and “Customer information”. In the “Sale information” block you can have fields about the sale itself: “Contract ID”, “Product”, etc. And in the “Customer information” block: “Client name”, “Phone number”, “Email”, etc.

Additionally, the system contains block types, which are independent components for recording certain types of data. For example, “Avatar” is used to add a title photo, “Table” – to create tabular links to other tasks, “Checklist” – to create a checklist, etc. Such blocks can exist on the form if required, and fields cannot be added to them.

To add a field to a form:

  • In the business process editing mode, go to the Fields and Form tab.
  • In the panel on the right, of the Fields tab, click on the field you want to add and, holding it, drag it inside one of the blocks.
  • Note! Fields can only be added to the “Sections with fields”. These blocks have a blue title bar.
  • At the bottom of the panel, click Save. Fields in sections can be arranged in any order, and in “Section with 2 column fields” you can stretch the fields to the full length of the block.

Copying a custom field:

  • Hover over the heading of the field you want to copy.
  • Click on the Copy icon.
  • Done! A copy of your field has appeared!
  • Click on the copied field to change its name or settings.

To add a block to a form:

  • In the business process editing mode, go to the Fields and Form tab.
  • On the right panel, switch to the Blocks (sections) tab.
  • Click on the block you need and, holding it, drag it onto the form.
  • Note! System blocks “Instruction”, “Task result”, “Related tasks” and “Avatar” can be added to the form only once.
  • Save the changes.

To remove a block or field from a task form:

  • Hover the mouse over the title of the object you want to delete.
  • Click on the recycle bin icon and the items will be removed from the task form.
  • Note! If you already have created tasks for this business process model, then when you delete a block or a field form the form, you will lose the data that was stored in this field/block/block with fields.
  • Save the business process model by going to the save options in the upper right corner.

Deleted items, both blocks and fields, can always be added to the task form again.

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