Business Process Constructor

Neaktor has a powerful business process constructor functionality. It allows you to customize the diagram with the business process states/stages of, define fields displayed on the task form, add user roles, auto-actions, robots and much other.

Business process constructor consists of 6 main blocks:

  • Process parameters, where the user defines the process name and additional settings.
  • Form fields – on this tab you can configure which fields will be displayed on the form of each task created by the business process, as well as add your own fields and blocks of various types. For each block and field on the form, you can specify additional settings. For example, make a field required or set a default value.
  • Process diagram – in this tab, the process diagram is configured: added steps that are performed by employees and those that the system performs automatically.
  • Groups and transitions between states/stages – on this tab, groups (roles) of participants in a business process and their access rights are configured. Here you can specify which fields this or that group will see/have access to, what stages it will work with, and to which states/stages the task can be transferred.
  • Robots – robots in Neaktor are an advanced system for performing various auto-actions based on a trigger. Unlike automatic actions added to the process diagram, actions through robots are performed not when the task state/stage changes, but when the fields are populated or based on a specific date/time.
  • Documents – on this tab you can add document templates, which will be automatically populated by task values. The output will be a document(s) ready for printing or emailing.
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