Robot for setting up relationships and hiding fields

This type of robot will hide the fields from the task form or limit the list of available values in them when the conditions you specify are met.

For example, the form has a check-box “Do you need delivery?”. If the checkbox is off, then we will see an empty area next to it.

But if you check the box, then a new field “Delivery address” will appear next to it.

With this functionality, you can customize complex relationships between fields and even create whole combinations of criteria.

Adding and configuring a robot

In order to add this type of robot, you need to follow these steps:

1. Open the business process where you want to add relationships between fields

2. Go to the Robots tab

3. Click on the Add Robot button

4. Select a Conditional fields robot

5. In the tab that opens, you will need to specify the name of the robot and configure the conditions in the following two blocks:

If an event occuredTrigger conditions are added in this block. You need to mark the fields, changing which will automatically hide the fields or individual values in the fields specified in the Then block.
Then execute following actionsIn the Then block, the performed action is configured. That is, which fields should be hidden or what values in the fields should be hidden

In this case, you need to specify the conditions under which the fields should be hidden and not the conditions under which the fields should be displayed on the form.

6. Configure the If block

In this block, you need to select those fields that will serve as a condition for activating the robot.
To set up a condition, select the Field in which the value is to be modified and an Operator that specifies how it was done.

You can define several conditions at the same time and indicate whether it is necessary that all conditions are met simultaneously, or it is enough to fulfill any of the specified conditions. To do this, switch between the tabs All conditions should be met and Any condition should be met.

7. In the Then block, configure which fields will be hidden if the condition from the If block is met:

  • Select a field from the list and the Hide Field operator if the field should not be shown.
  • For List or User type fields, you can also hide not the entire field, but only part of the values for selection.
  • There is also a separate logic for the Assignee system field. As well as for fields with the User type, you can use a robot to hide some of the possible task assignees.
  • When all sections are configured, save the robot and the entire business process model. Done!
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