What are robots?

Robots are rules according to which Neaktor will automatically update tasks.

The difference between robots and auto-actions: auto-actions are triggered when the status (stage) of the task has changed, robots update the task when the data in the task itself changes.

For example, the task form has the following fields: “Price”, “Quantity” and “Total”. You can set up a robot that will automatically recalculate the value in “Total” field using the “Price x Quantity” formula if the user has modified data in any of these fields.

Robot types

At the moment, Neaktor has following robots types:

Autocalculation robotIf one of the fields specified in the robot condition has changed in a certain way, the robot will populate the field in the task with a specific value or by using the formula
Robot for establishing relationships and hiding fieldsIf the value in a certain field has changed in a certain way, the robot will hide the fields from the task form or limit the list of available values in them according to the specified algorithm
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