What is a task?

A task or a record is the smallest unit of measure in Neaktor, which is essentially an input form with some information. The records can store tasks assigned to employees, or information like server configs.

An example of a record can be:
– operations management task
– task in the context of a business process. For example, a technical support ticket
– a record with client contact information
– a business transaction information record

Task stages

Neaktor supports a process-based approach to tasks. This means that each task is divided into execution stages, and at each stage, a specific user(assignee) is responsible for performing the task.

After one user has finished work on his stage, he transfers the task to the next assignee, and so on, until the task is completed.

Tasks, business processes and projects

Tasks in Neaktor are created according to the business processes or, in other words, rules by which a specific type of task is executed. The configured business process in Neaktor is called the business process model.

Each task can exist both autonomously (on the Tasks tab) and within the framework of a project. Projects are used to group tasks for a specific topic. For example, when a customer ordered a product from your company, you can keep all tasks related to this order in one project.

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