What is a business process model?

In Neaktor we use the concept of “Business Process Model”. Simply put, this is a customized template with a task form, for which we define who will work on the task and in what order.

What can be configured for the model:

  • Task form – this where you will define the fields that will be filled in
  • Business Process diagram specifies the execution stages of the process
  • Process participants – the users that will work on the task
  • Workflow – specifies who will work at each stage of the task and what data will be available to them

Models and projects

Each project in Neaktor must include business process models. Tasks in projects will be created according to those models.

Project without models may exist, but will be completely non-functional.

Multiple models

A business process model is not dependent on other models, even if they exist in the same project. That is, even within one project, models can describe and execute completely different logic.

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